Alex is a professional businessman, a family man and a community leader.
I am proud to endorse Alex candidacy.  He will represent Markham-Thornhill with competence, principle and honesty.

Hon. Peter Kent, P.C., MP
Thornhill, ON.

Alex is a friend to all communities in Markham-Thornhill.  He will be a great asset to Markham-Thornhill as their Member of Parliament!

Logan Kanapathi
MPP Markham-Thornhill

A long time resident and successful business owner in York Region, Alex Yuan has always been there to support our community when called upon.

Michael Parsa
MPP Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill

Alex is a straightforward businessman and a man of integrity, who has taken time out of his busy schedule to help the less fortunate. As a board member of Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care and Yee Hong Community Wellness, he has generously contributed both his time and money in an effort to improve the lives of seniors in the community.

Dr. Joseph Wong
Founder, Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care and Yee Hong Foundation

Alex Yuan is a man of integrity with a deep work ethic.  He is a kind of thoughtful man who gives back to his community and I believe that he would make a tremendous Member of Parliament for Markham-Thornhill

Hon. Jason Kenney
Premier of Alberta

“Alex Yuan is a community man. A volunteer. A leader in bridging people together. Just a nice man. Alex will represent you, deal with your issues”

David Cohen
Former Councilor for Town of Richmond Hill

Alex without a doubt cares deeply about others and has the ability to hear and act upon what others need. Alex has done this for our family on many occasions. We were so happy to hear that Alex is now running for the Federal Conservative nominee candidate for Richmond Hill because now we can share our wonderful neighbour with the rest of the community.

Lidia Lastoria and Family
Richmond Hill Residents

I have known Alex Yuan for 25 years.  He is a fixture in Richmond Hill….a concerned citizen, an outstanding businessman, a generous philanthropist, and my friend.   He has new ideas, unlimited energy and will give incredible dedication to the job as your MP.

Alex is anxious to serve his community as you new MP.  I ask you to vote for Alex.  With Yuan, you win!  ”

Jackie Bell
Wife of late former Mayor of Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill Resident since 1975

I admire Alex Yuan, one of the patriotic migrated Canadians for his tremendous   contributions   for the wellbeing of multi-ethnic communities   over the past decades. He does have a clear vision for Canada   and he always advocates for having a balanced development with peace and harmony for our beloved nation Canada. I am so glad he is contesting for position of Member of Parliament that too under the Conservative party. The conservative party is the most dynamic party for new Immigrants and traditional Canadians. Let’s all expend our full support for Alex Yuan and get benefited from him for all of us.  I wish him the very best.

Sammy Appadurai
Principal at Ontario International Institute