Carbon Tax

Does Canadian need a fancy title or excuse to tax us citizen more on their hard earning dollar?

  • Any form of new tax or tax increase is not welcome.
  • Government should encourage manufacture that makes LED lights, washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, electric car etc to be cheaper and more efficient in energy consumption.
  • Consumer will then be willing to replace their current machine to a less energy consumption device.
  • The manufacture will sell more products and Canada will reduce their carbon emission target without creating an unwanted Carbon Tax.


How does legalize Marijuana helps Canada or does it hurt our Canadian to stay healthy and be a strong country?

During the 19th century, the China had fought the opium war with the British and loss. That’s how Hong Kong became the British colony for 99 years. The Qing dynasty government did not stop his citizen to take Opium. The young who need to study, could not study, the adult need to keep a job to support their family, could keep the job. The elder needs their money for retirement end up spending their savings on opium and damage their health. Why our Canadian government hurting his people?

The Federal Liberal hopes to legalize Marijuana to:

Damper the black market selling Marijuana.

  • When the government legalize selling price is going to be over $10 per gram versa the black market will sell approximate $6 to $8 per gram. How will this pricing scheme will damper the black market ?

Reduce underage to smoke Marijuana.

  • Under age teenager managed to smoke cigarettes, they will find ways to get their hands on Marijuana.
    A medical physician will remind early access to cannabis can have detrimental effects for brain development and the brain develops up to age 25. Why do the Federal government and the Ontario Liberal set the minimum to 18 and 19 years respectively?